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Effective Ways of Overcoming Anxiety

Written by: Melissa Hart

Several Effective Methods to Overcome Anxiety
Fortunately, there are several effective ways of overcoming anxiety, although for the millions of people who have some type of anxiety disorder, at times it may seem as if nothing will bring relief from the often debilitating condition.

Everyone Experiences Anxiety at Some Point
Every human experiences anxiety at some point or another, it's a natural part of the fight or flight response, which is the body's way of telling us there may be danger ahead. However, some people find that they are consumed with relentless worrying, controlled by their fears and unable to deal with the every day occurrences of life.

Here are the most effective ways of overcoming anxiety and anxiety related disorders:

The types of drugs that are prescribed for the treatment of anxiety disorders include the usual antianxiety medications, as well as several antidepressants, and even beta-blockers, which were traditionally used only to treat heart conditions.

Most often, medication is used as a short-term method of coping with anxiety until other types of treatment can be pursued, such as therapy. Some of these drugs can be habit forming, as well as causing a variety of side effects in certain people and shouldn't be taken over long periods of time.

Another one of the most effective ways of overcoming anxiety is through the use of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). This process usually lasts anywhere from 12 to 20 weeks and is done under the guidance of a trained therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor, or social worker.

The purpose of CBT is to help identify and recognize the negative behaviors or thought processes that at are at the root of the anxiety, and then find ways of changing those patterns. Cognitive behavior therapy is conducted in both individual sessions, as well as in a group therapy setting.

Natural Remedies
There are several herbal remedies used for treating and dealing with anxiety that use natural ingredients such as passionflower, chamomile, kava kava, and valerian root. These have been used for many years in many different cultures, however, there are some herbs that may actually make anxiety worse, as well as those that may adversely interact with medication, both prescription and over-the-counter.

Other Ways of Overcoming Anxiety

Relaxation/Breathing Techniques
A technique known as guided imagery, along with different relaxation techniques and deep or controlled breathing exercises are often used as ways of overcoming anxiety without the need for medical care or supervision.

Used for centuries in Chinese medicine, acupuncture is used to treat a number of ailments and conditions, including anxiety.

Self-hypnosis, or hypnotherapy done by a clinical hypnotherapist uses positive reinforcements and various therapeutic techniques to reduce anxiety and treat phobias.

Biofeedback is a process that uses sensors to measure and record changes in physical response that are brought on by anxiety and stress. Once you learn to recognize these subtle responses, you can control your reaction to whatever it is that brings on intense feelings of anxiety or fear.

Self Care Methods
In addition to the numerous natural, or non-medicinal ways of overcoming anxiety, there are a variety of self care methods one can do on an ongoing basis at home. Besides regular exercise such as yoga or aerobics, both of which have a calming effect on the body, getting the right amount of sleep and following a healthy diet are all simple ways of coping with anxiety.

Building a solid support system of people who genuinely care about you and your well being, and who are also emotionally supportive, is one of the most effective ways of overcoming anxiety.


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